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Based in Christchurch, Magnum IT provide a concierge level service experience. We design, install and support industry standard IT solutions with a focus on Apple devices. Our team are certified, industry veterans and we are here to help!


Rest easy in the knowledge that your Apple device is in the hands of a certified Apple professional with years of hardware and software troubleshooting experience.


Magnum IT staff have been providing best in class solutions to residential, business and education clients in Christchurch for well over 15 years.


IT is a passion for us, our thirst for knowledge puts us in a unique position over our competitors to deliver interesting and unique solutions.


Our engineers are here to help. We are ultra friendly, sociable Apple enthusiasts who strive to provide the absolute best IT service going around.

About Us

We are a team of passionate Apple professionals based in Christchurch who just happen to also love Linux and Open Source technology.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected” — Steve Jobs

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Musings and Insight of the world of tech as we see it. Rarely useful, always entertaining.


Securing websites with LetsEncrypt on macOS Server

Lets Encrypt is a provider of SSL certificates primarily used for securing websites (giving you to green part in your browser). For most needs, a certificate from Lets Encrypt provides an extremely cost effective means of taking advantage of HTTPS. This is a brief rundown on how to get this up and running on macOS […]

night computer hdd hard drive

ZFS Snapshots to the rescue!

From time to time we would like to share information of how the solutions we put in place actually prove to be beneficial to our clients. These aren’t intended to be overly technical – if there is demand for that, then we will definitely consider doing something though. The intention here is to simply highlight […]