Based in Christchurch, Magnum IT are a team of dedicated technology professionals that have a passion for Apple hardware, Linux and open source.


Apple certified for over 15 years, when you deal with Magnum IT, you are dealing with a certified support professional with the experience required for success.


"Past success is the best indicator of future success" by dealing with Magnum IT you are dealing with industry professionals with a proven track record of success and excellence.

Our Difference

We are a tenacious, pro-active, solutions focused IT company that will not stop until our customers are completely satisfied with our work. There are no time sheets to pad out or sales targets to meet here!

A little history

Magnum IT was founded in 2011 after the Christchurch earthquakes by Mark Gillette. Mark had previously worked at MagnumMac and is a family member of MagnumMac's founder, Murray Wood. During his time at MagnumMac Mark progressed to being one of two senior engineers charged with solution design and support of complex enterprise grade Apple based solutions.

Since leaving MagnumMac, Mark is the senior solution architect for a prestigious local college in addition to managing Magnum IT.

"I look back fondly at my time at MagnumMac, by using Magnum in our name, we hope to honour the spirit of both Murray and what MagnumMac was"

We look forward to connecting with customers, both old and new.



When problems do occur, rest assured that we’ll be on your doorstep, or working remotely, to fix the problem fast, and communicate progress at regular intervals. It is our job to minimise IT frustration and disruptions to our clients workflows. 

We value client input as this allows us to better focus our services and make adjustments where required. We want to know what’s going well, what we can improve on, and anything else you might need or want from a service provider. Having this open dialog with our clients is something uniquely Magnum IT. 




At Magnum IT, being your one-stop, outsourced IT department is what we do best. Our team of experienced IT professionals have a genuine thirst for knowledge that extends past the Apple ecosystem. This thirst for knowledge often translates into finding new products or technologies that we build solutions around.

Think of Magnum IT when you are wanting the best solutions, the best services, the best support, strategies and complementary technologies to not only achieve your objectives but to maximise functionality and productivity.



We are not interested in technology for technology’s sake. Our focus is providing only the systems and solutions that will improve our client's overall IT performance and profitability.

By using Apple products and Open Source technology, our customers instantly save money. It's not just a myth that Apple devices cost less and are more reliable over their lifetime - just ask IBM. By coupling Apple devices and Open Source technology, like Linux, our customers benefit greatly from not only reduced support costs but also by reduced compliance and licensing costs.