Question: In a sentence, please explain why should we hire Magnum IT?
We provide a cutting edge technological platform to enable you to fully realize your IT vision.

If you wouldn’t mind a second sentence…

Our solutions ensure technology is an enabler, and not a hinderance, this attention to detail enables you to focus on what you do best - growing your business, creating the next best art piece, or showcasing a portfolio.

Question: Why is it in my company’s best interest to leverage Magnum IT Solutions over your competition?
Like you, we are entrepreneurs. When we help you achieve the most effective leveraging of technology, we keep a keen eye on your bottom line. What does that really mean? Well… we approach your project with three key components in mind:

1) How can we help you give your clients or customers the experience you intended for them?
2) How can we help your employees be more productive, while equally maintaining data protection and security?
3) How can we help you utilize technology to provide everything you absolutely require, right now, and set you up for the inevitable growth your company will experience?

We collaborate, with you, using plain language, to derive the most success-minded blueprint to help position your company as the authority in YOUR marketplace.

Of course, we could just say:

We have an incomparable track record of creating spectacular results for our clients throughout Christchurch and Canterbury

We’d love for your company to become our next success story!

Question: What is Magnum Care?
It takes a team to help make your business everything you ever imagined it to be… and more. Magnum Care is what we call YOUR team. When you invest in Magnum IT to streamline, outsource or augment your IT infrastructure, you receive an Account Manager, On-Site Manager and a Remote Support Technician – who are all emotionally attached to providing maximum results, for you!

In essence...

Your Magnum Care Team are dedicated professionals who are intimately invested in making absolutely certain that every aspect of your IT Network is always on the leading edge of technological leveraging. Their attention to detail gives you the freedom and presence of mind to wholeheartedly focus on YOUR business and YOUR customers or clients.

Question: I have a limited business IT budget, can you help us without breaking the bank?
Having proper Business IT is unconditionally imperative to your company’s financial success. It’s crucial to view your relationship with Magnum IT as an investment in your ability to build your brand. Bluntly stated, if you aren’t utilizing the most effective combination of technologies for your business, I promise you that your competition is. When you can’t focus on your company’s constant evolvement because of ineffectually leveraging technology, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

In essence, you lose more money by NOT having a well-oiled IT Network – than by investing in our services. So while we understand that you do have a limited budget, we also want you to be extremely aware of the consequences for failing to do everything your company needs to thrive.

Practically speaking…

We always find a way to work within your current financial means to provide the very best solutions. That’s just another reason why our collaborative efforts are so incredibly important. We will help you choose the right services, a la carte, so you command only the IT Services you need to suit your immediate necessities!

Question: Every single day, it seems like we have another problem with our existing network. Can Magnum IT come in and revamp our network infrastructure - without disrupting our daily business?
Absolutely. We work after hours and on weekends to make sure your business is NEVER disrupted - unless there's no possible way around it. We command the same care and meticulous attention to detail that we employ when we build your Business IT from the ground up.


Everything we do is executed with an eye on your bottom line. We don't do anything that might harm your ability to bring in income or continue helping your clients or customers.

Question: We already have a full time internal IT Staff. How can Magnum IT help us?

Firstly, we provide IT Consultation to other companies in our own field. Leveraging our expertise is vital, no matter what your staffing situation is, because we bring expanded insights to the table that your IT Staff might have overlooked or don't have the time to execute.


Companies with full time IT Experts call us in regularly for special projects. We're quick and efficient in getting caught up to speed by your internal staff - so we can help you achieve maximum results for whatever projects you want and need to bring to life.

Question: We already work with an IT company, how do we transition over to Magnum IT?

The first thing we do is come in and make sure everything you need for running your own network is in place. We have to ascertain that you have access to every aspect of your network infrastructure. We can’t communicate enough how important it is that you’re in possession of everything you absolutely require to have full autonomy over your Business IT.

If that's not already the case, we'll consult with you to get everything your current IT Company is controlling, so you can take the next step with us - without worrying about having your objectives sabotaged.

Question: Do you support windows machines?
We take immense pride in being true IT all rounders and we are very adept at supporting windows infrastructure. However, on the desktop side of things, our primary skillset is in supporting Apple devices, iOS and macOS. This doesn't mean we can't support windows, or that our solutions won't work on windows.
Part of our difference is being able to adapt to a client's needs and if that means supporting windows machines, then we will go about it with the exactly the same tenacity that we have about supporting Apple devices.
Question: I've worked with other IT Companies before and I would receive bills for supposed work competed - without ANY notification. How does Magnum IT manage My IT Network?

It's common in the IT industry for companies to take care of problems you never knew you had, off-site, without notifying you. Their belief is that as long as they're protecting your interests, you just need to pay them when you're invoiced. That's NOT how Magnum IT conducts business. We want you to be involved in knowing what's going on. When there's a problem that urgently demands our attention, we'll deal with it immediately, but we also take the time to communicate what happened... and why.

Two words come to mind that describe The Magnum Care Experience:

Communication & Transparency

We want you to intimately grasp the value you're receiving when you work with Magnum IT and never, ever feel bad about honouring your invoices. In fact, we want you to feel excited about investing in our services, because your commitment with us is a symbol of the resolve you have to create a brand with REAL longevity.

Question: I am not IT savvy. It's crucial that you can anticipate what services will benefit my company, without tacking on stuff I really don't need. How do you determine what's in my company's best interest?

Our collaboration process is about diving into your company goals and vision. We take the time to understand where you're coming from and why you decided to reach out to us in the first place. The system we set up for you, from the software we install on your computers to backing your data up, will be incredibly intuitive.

Equally, we don't just anticipate your current needs; YOUR Magnum Care Team will project ahead to help your company more effortlessly grow… and prevent any potential downtime as you gain greater brand recognition.

Question: I’m really excited about what Magnum IT can do for my company. What is the best way to move forward with you?

The first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is write down what you’re aware of needing – in the short and long term – for your Company IT… if possible. Whether you’re an upstart company looking for a totally new IT Network Infrastructure or you’re already receiving services from another one of our competitors, the more specificity you bring to the table, the better.


If you’re NOT clear about what will benefit your company the most, contact us and we’ll sort you out by collaborating, with you, to determine the best, most cost effective course of action.


If you’ve been running your own Business IT, up until now, and have been experiencing way too much downtime, we can come in and tend to the circumstances that will get you consistently online, right now, and work with you to blueprint your long-term goals.