iOS 12 – Our take

So far so good – basically what you want to hear on upgrade day. We took the plunge along with many of our clients today delving into iOS 12 on all of our devices.

These are some favourite features so far:

First thing that is immediately obvious is performance – even on older devices Apple’s claim of faster performance is definitely a major selling factor of upgrading.

Temporary DND:

Temporary do not disturb from control centre is quite a handy change for those last minute meetings or other important situations.

Group Facetime:
In Mac OS X we had a feature of the messaging platform (iChat AV) that would allow multiple participants to audio and video chat, for it’s time that was a pretty awesome feature. Group Facetime is the natural evolution of that and is one of those “about damn time” moments.

Wellness is being taken more seriously by almost everyone these days, with enterprises taking steps to understand how technology influences employee wellness and the flow on effects. Screentime is a feature that shows your appliction usage, In essence, it’s an app to try to get you to use your device less and hopefully improve wellness as a result.

Grouped Notifications:
In iOS 12, Apple has made several big changes to notifications – but the biggest and most appreciated is definitely going to be iOS’s new grouped notifications. That’s right, iOS 12 will automatically group notifications by app.

We are certain this list will continue to grow – happy updating!