Managed Services

Why Managed Services

One of the questions that we field over and over again is, “Why should we use your, or any, managed services?” Typically customers ask this because of a perception that it would be better and more cost effective to just to contract IT services when technology issues arise (Break/Fix). 

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that having technology under a managed services agreement is not the best use of tight IT budgets. In reality, managed services actually provide numerous unique benefits over and above the typical break/fix service model that results in increased productivity and long term IT cost savings. 

Benefits of our managed services

Proactive Management

No more break/fix putting out fires. While you can’t fix everything proactively you can do things like proactively identifying most , if not all, issues and correct them prior to being a problem. This results in a better, smoother IT experience with employees being more productive. Ultimately, this will save both time and money.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Our SLA explains and promises how and when we will respond to the customised needs of your company. Break/fix services do not typically include an SLA and typically provide no guarantee of when service will be provided. Not having a managed service agreement with a SLA could cost your company time and money in lost productivity.

Cost Control

A managed service agreement helps your keep costs in line and makes budgeting much easier. With Magnum IT, dealing with unexpected expenses goes away. They now can be handled and dealt with in a timely budgeted manner. We understand that the unexpected always happens at the worst time. We are here to help you get that under control.

Already have an IT department?

Magnum IT have extensive experience working with existing IT departments in larger organisations providing our unique Apple focused IT solutions. We are able to advise from a position of extensive knowledge and real world experience.

Scale Your Investment

No more over-investing in IT infrastructure or staff resources because you aren’t sure exactly what you need. Managed services allows you to pay for what you need now and easily add, or reduce, services as your business changes.

Support Your Business Mission

We work with you to become trusted IT advisors, ultimately freeing up key business leaders to focus their efforts on the organisation’s core business instead of having their attention diverted by ongoing IT issues.

Managed Servers

Magnum IT’s managed dedicated servers offer you the latest technology providing full scalability, security, uptime and performance to your business. All Magnum IT managed server plans include full pro-active server management.  Our experts monitor your servers and maintain the operating environment including security hardening, software updates, and day to day maintenance tasks.  

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Managed Networks

The Magnum IT platform of networking solutions can enable your business to run at maximum efficiency, giving comprehensive insight into the performance, availability, and security of the network while delivering the performance and security your business data and end-users demand. Our staff of experienced and knowledgeable Network Engineers work closely with your team to evaluate and enhance network infrastructure and implement a customized solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

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Procurement Assistance

IT is both a hobby and a passion for us, we have taken our unique ability to find technology gems and have created an IT procurement and advice service that ensures our customers get the absolute best premium products and third party peripherals. Our service involves listening to our clients unique requirements and sourcing premium products that fit the requirements, it is a true bespoke sales service completely tailored and streamlined to your business needs.

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