New Apple Stuff!

Apple updated it's online store yesterday with some new products, this is only a minor update that rejigged some of the iOS product lines and introduced more accessory options in the wearables sector.

Product RED iPhone

If you're like us and are constantly on the hunt for Apple information, it was no surprise to finally see one long standing rumor actually come to pass. The Product RED iPhone is certainly making a statement. We love the colour, but can't help but think it might have been better with black accents instead of white - but subjectiveness aside, this thing is beautiful and will no doubt sell truckloads.

New iPads

Apple rejigged it's iPad lineup by introducing a new 9.7" iPad, now simply known as iPad, this model replaces the iPad Air 2 and is Apple's cheapest iPad to date. It has the same A9 processor as an iPhone 6s, brighter screen but is otherwise nearly identical to an iPad air 2 internally. Form factor wise, it's more comparable to the iPad Air 1 as this model does not include a laminated display. From our perspective this would be a great option for the education sector and should hopefully help Apple regain some lost market share in that area. As an entry level device for consuming content, we can't think of a much better option. 


Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Apple is clearly taking wearables seriously and Apple watch is definitely our pick for the best smart watch going around. Today Apple released some all new watch bands in various styles and colours. Additionally, Apple announced new silicone and leather cases for the iPhone.

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